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2017 cheap sale Cattle fence/Cheap farm fencing in china

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2017 cheap sale Cattle fence/Cheap farm fencing in china

  alvanized best price metal animal farm fence panel

  galvanized best price metal animal farm fence panel is a woven wire fences which consist of a number of horizontal lines of smooth wire held apart by vertical wires called stays. Spacing of the wires generally gets wider as fence gets higher.

  Farm fence enjoys flat surface, uniform opening, good flexibility and long service life. Even the cut parts will not loosen or deformed.


  Simple and firm structure

  innovative design

  Easy maintenance

  Short installation period

  Less weight

  Easy for transport

  Good ventilation


Farm Fencing


Farm Fencing


Farm Fencing


Farm Fencing


  This fence handles the tough task of corralling herds of cattle, horses, sheep, swine or other large animals.

  Even the most severe weather won't break down this fence because special wire crimps allow fencing to expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall.

  SizesNumber of Warp WireRoll WidthWarp & Weft Wire Diameter

  Edge Warp WireMiddle Weft WireWarp Wire

  91L 5/70/155700mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 8/110/1581100mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 5/70/305700mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 6/70/306700mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 6/90/306900mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 7/90/307900mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 8/110/3081100mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 5/70/605700mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 6/90/606900mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 6/100/6061000mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 7/90/607900mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 7/100/6071000mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 7/110/6071100mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm

  91L 8/110/6081100mm2.8mm2.5mm2.5mm


farm fencing


farm fencing

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