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Dharma and a grinding

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Dharma = and a grinding, for south tianzhu (ancient India) brahman monk of race. Dynasty of the northern and southern dynasties, dharma sailing to China guangzhou, early in the song dynasty, after to jinling, around the northern wei Ming emperor, bodhidharma came to luoyang, Wei Yangxuan the documented luoyang kuan ti ji of the dharma and in the case of yongning temple of luoyang: "there are western samana bodhidharma, Persia and conference semifinals.
From waste, to middle-earth. See gold plate, dazzle light cloud table; Treasure with the wind, sound out of heaven. Singing, is magic. From the cloud: 'one hundred and fifty years old, calendar for nations, not not entire neighborhoods. And this temple, yan float without also.
Buddha realm, also did this. Sing namo 'mouth, crossing their days. "After the dharma to the songshan disciple hui can, jade and so on, and in the songshan shaolin temple area initiations. Later legends dharma in shaolin temple north five nipple caves all day long sleep nine years.
Dharma in songshan initiations, feel that the long pass theravada buddhist has been declining, so he according to the theory of mahayana, combined with the northern wei dynasty social conditions at that time, the start-up "sit-in cultivate one's morality" as the main method of practice theory, known as the "wall", namely the mahayana Buddhism.
Dharma zen to the Lanka sutra for the method of classic. He left after the initiations vaporizes quickly can, songshan, beam datong two years (in 536), died in poison, buried bear ear mountain, set up the tower to Lin temple. Skilled in martial arts, dharma, YouShan meditation.
The tang dynasty with round sleep master number. Zen flourish, dharma early progenitor and revered as the zen buddhist master yinguang twenty-eight.



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