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Hot supply 96hens Hot-dipped Galvanized Chicken Cage, Egg layer chicken cage in china

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Hot supply 96hens Hot-dipped Galvanized Chicken Cage, Egg layer chicken cage in china

  Egg layer chicken cage is also named egg chicken cage, chicken laying cage, chicken battery cage, hen coop, layer chicken cage, poultry cage, poultry battery chicken cages, etc. They are made of Q195 low carbon steel wire

  with treatment of electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated. And equipped with

  steel shelves, high quality water tank or water valve, feeding trough, pipes etc.

  Market: A type egg layer chicken cage is widely used in the farm of Africa like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Congo; America, Panama, Venezuela, etc.


Mining Screen Mesh

  I. Breif Introduction:

  MaterialsQ195 low carbon steel wire

  TreatmentElectro galvanized, Hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated

  Usagecage for laying hens

  Model No.A3-90, A3-96, A3-108, A3-120, A4-128, A4-160

  Accessoriesshelves, nipple drinkers, water tank, water valve, pipe, feeding trough, joints,

  clipper and clips, etc.

  II. Different Type for Market:

  Model No.DimensionNest SizeCell Nos.Capacity

  A3-90 1.80m*2.2m*1.5m47cm *38cm*(37cm*32cm)

  3birds/cell, 30cells/unit 90birds/unit

  A3-96 1.88m*2.2m*1.5m47cm *38cm*(37cm*32cm) 4birds/cell, 24cells/unit 96birds/unit

  A3-108 2.15m*2.2m*1.5m47cm *38cm*(37cm*32cm)

  3birds/cell, 36cells/unit 108birds/unit

  A3-120 2.15m*2.2m*1.5m43cm *38cm*(37cm*32cm)

  4birds/cell, 30cells/unit 120birds/unit

  A4-128 1.88m*2.4m*1.8m47cm *38cm*(37cm*32cm) 4birds/cell, 32cells/unit 128birds/unit

  A4-160 2.15m*2.4m*1.8m43cm *40cm*(38cm*32cm) 4birds/cell, 40cells/unit 160birds/unit

  III. Poultry Farm Photos:

  A-Type in 3tiers-4birds/cell


Egg layer chicken cage

  A-Type in 3tiers-Water Valve


Egg layer chicken cage

  A-Type in 3tiers-Water Tank


Egg layer chicken cage

  A-Type in 4-Tiers


Egg layer chicken cage

  Accessories of Layer Chicken Cage


Egg layer chicken cage

  Packaging & Shipping

  1. Mesh Panel: no packing or on pallet for LCL

  2. Shelves: no packing or on pallet for LCL

  3. Accessories: in woven bag or carton, or on pallet


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