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I have a dream never had things

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Some people see what happened and ask: "why?" I have a dream never had things, then asked: "why not?" (George Bernard shaw) 

I rode my bicycle, rub a BMW, after you get off each other, give me a slap, call me compensation of ten thousand yuan, or leather strip. I ask, why? Mr. Li, the campus as a circuit, two girls were killed, his daring too arrogant. I asked, why can't I? Nima, his father is li gang, officer deputy director; My dad is oh, the family lived Chen Dazhuang. 


I, 19, to the Chinese roll, die to brain cells, sweating like a pig in the exam. I ask, why? Guo, 19 years old, driving a car, for carrying a designer bag, posing a proud qunfang. I asked, why can't I? Nima, she who is President of Red Cross, my father in cleaning the playground! 


Miss China's average in appearance, can't really appreciate. I ask, why? Miss Korea feast for the eyes, very beautiful. I ask, why can't China? Nima, Korean cosmetic very skillful, Chinese judges level it will! 


Small Japan, covet China's diaoyu island were, are, I was cruel very rampant; I China, harmony, tatu accommodate to aia. I ask, why? The Philippines, shot my Taiwan people, bad attitude compensation; I Taiwan, strict sanctions, frighten the Philippines urine crotch. I asked, why can't China like this? Nima, Taiwan's small thin, cannot retreat; China's elite troops, chengguan didn't! 


I'm eating genetically modified (gm), drink soya-bean milk. I ask, why? He drank the tortoise ate for food, soup. I asked, why can't I? Nima, Grosvenor LTD is he handsome, home has ten suites; I am a poor prick silk, rent eight square. 


Chen Jufei, seven feet big fellow writing is strong, often writing practice, book two white. I ask, why? Guo, three inches the nail from the king, posturing, with fans must basket. I asked, why can't I? Nima, I don't understand, writing the sun just; He followed the trend, become a sissy. 


I want to be famous, struggle, struggle, is still the populist. I ask, why? Squeeze dry lulu, milk, provoking daydream, spread base of the world. I asked, why can't I? Nima, I even naked nobody see, she even when no one see naked! 


Topic is pit dad, gift also float in the sky, marking the teacher a lot of pen, zero is, I said is very hurt. I ask, why? Have Mao Yong teacher anger yue, gift, the key is thinking, a harmonious, two is not disorderly speak, you say, why can't you do that? Nima, zero doesn't matter, Lao tze is crazy, the university does not, I will when a rogue! 



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