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Tattoos are afraid of hot

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-01-16      Origin:Site Inquire

This year,
Tattoos are afraid of hot,
Using apple didn't pocket,
Watch the love with legs,
Love with gold teeth grin.
These days,
Unmarried cohabitation, like marriage
Marriage like a not married the separated.
Animals, like people wear clothes,
Like animals with meat.
Children like adults mature,
Adult naive like a little child.
Women like men the yes,
Men like women women.
Money like rich rich,
The rich like money look poor.
Lover about like a lady,
Mrs As lovers Jane out deeply.
Online said.
Today the passbook is less than millions,
Don't call deposit, and balance.
Look at yourself.
The original,
That can only be called poundage,
Sometimes even the poundage.
Slowly understand,
Wear three hundred tables and three million tables,
Time is the same;
And three thousand pieces of 30 pieces of drinking wine,
Vomiting is the same;
Live 30 square meters and three hundred square meters room,
Loneliness is the same.
One day you will know,
Your inner true happiness,
Is the material world will never give the...
Smoking ten blocks and smoke of 100 pieces of lung cancer,
Fly first class and economy class lost will not come...

In the "left ear" said."
We all want a hand can get married love,
Is living with the results of a bed didn't also s. "
Want to see,
Happiness consists in contentment...
And who live together is the most important thing!
Who can accompany with you is the most rare!
Life is not easy!
And line and treasure!



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