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What is a dream?

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Managers don't be afraid to employees leave negative employee don't replace, do more harm than good, bad state employees not vacant, condition good employees will not be able to come in. In more and more outstanding staff!
An employee to leave the team easily, there is no sense of responsibility. Which team has a problem, which the team has advantages, if slightly bad or temptation, easily moved, no matter what, this kind of person can't be entrusted responsibility.
Complain and blame team is to make yourself a slap in the face, said his incompetence, even give up the opportunity!
Kick down the ladder employees may not be grateful heart, don't leave. Creating profit is the core of your being value, entrepreneurship is not for charity.
Just want to escape, encounter the pressure such employees leave the risk is, encounter problems please think, only reflect problems is the primary level, thinking and problem solving is the senior level.

To work with such a person:
1, will always follow the team to grow up together.
2, the team's future is always promising.
3, can find their position in the team continuously explore.
4, in order to team new goals keep learning new things.
5, compressive ability strong and patient man.
6, with team work, in the same boat, share the joys and sorrows, don't care about personal gain or loss, the tail from wagging the dog.

A team, the person is divided into five kinds: scum, personnel, staff, talent, character.
1, is human scum 】 【 croaking, much ado about nothing, cliques, the destruction of a disturbance, eat an inside to pick outside;
2, [people] is paid not only to do things, arrange has nothing to do with your work won't dry, of mediocrity;
3, [people] is what to do, don't arrange absolutely not to be, waiting for orders.
4, "talent" is from the heart every day work, have the responsibility to do things, thinking, well organized, know about the company's ready, benefit is their own, and those who do worry about the state of the company;
5, [people] is dedicated, with soul to think and do things, is determined to people and companies to do a career!
Haggle over every ounce, people need guidance,
Focusing on the present, people look to the future!
Wan to rely on talent development, main do rely on the people!
This team will be omnipotent

A word: dry.
Two words: active.
Three words: let me.
Four words: positive thinking.
Five words: is my responsibility.
Six words: who needs help.
Seven words: the target must be implemented.
All eight word: work for the sake of love.
Nine words: I want to be more to give.
Ten words: only the results to prove the strength.
1. What is a dream?
Yearn, dreaming all want to, all the time to think, and think of will have a boiling passion, that was a dream!!!!!
2. What is faith?
Experienced cynicism, shallow, fall down, almost four times three transgressions of despair and grind, that was a faith!
3. What is strong?
Experienced sorrow, experienced in the middle of the inner lonely and cold and still firmly, that was a strong!
4. What is light?
Face temptation and not tempted, face the blow and noodles don't change color, even if the difficulties and smile, that was a calm!

5. What is team?
Experienced wind and rain baptism, the ups and downs together, fighting, blame, difficult predicament, still grasped the nettle and create the miracle, that was a team!



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