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When you complain that you can't afford to buy a house?

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When a customer came into the shop to see the store employees play mobile phone, there will be what feeling? 


When your wife is always complaining about marry you didn't have a good life? 


When you complain that you can't afford to buy a house? 


When you blame others aren't good enough for you... 


Please think about what is... 


Think about your this day? 


Really tried my best? 


Is actually a fool yourself... 


God reward those who work hard, humanitarian pay sincere, its payment letter, industry pay fine! 


Put down the phone and have a good job, starts from me! 


A person, one standard of conduct of many beings, don't need others to urge! 


Don't get my salary in local play mobile phone! 

The perspective-taking 

- if it is the boss, if you will want to hire yourself now? 

- if I'd love to. It will continue to do so;

- if you don't want to hire their opposite, it ought to reflect on your current behavior! 

- not afraid to hire without any work experience, but in the end, give up is not working attitude, no matter who you are!

- after all, rape in their work, have a stomachache. Do things Yin in Yang); Work actively to the eye and cynicism; See the boss work, depending on the income; To haggle over every ounce for immediate interests gain and loss, these things farewell camouflage, is all to cheat but yourself! 

- in the end, even you are not willing to hire their own, how are you going to let your boss reuse you? 

- to keep on salary to you now ~ 

- if you along, I'm sorry, you are actually mix yourself, 

- if you laze in the company, you can black boss how many money? 

-- but you, if you don't work well in the company a few years, a few years of neglect, a few years later what would you do? 

- do you think you competitive? Young bear is nothing, when old and bear, is the most pathetic! 

- to all people, introspection! 

Vicious cycle of bad 

- when the entity shop business is not good, most of the stores look dead, everyone asked head, listless, shop does not turn on the light, a watch in black... More customers feel no sentiment, dare not into the restaurant, so a vicious circle. 

When the business is not good -- 

I will let the team dressed clean, handsome, beautiful, and then organize together singing and dancing in the doorway, and sunshine for passing the customer feel our passion, more importantly, I want to tell the team: lose nothing can lose confidence! 

When the business is not good -- 

I can make a big, clean and bright color, very attractive to the sea, our main product is put on the above, in our shop, let pass by must look at the customers. Take a look, have one more chance. 

When the business is not good -- 


I'll shop light bright, full, with everyone together tidy store product placements, let to see more products in the store after the customer: they are so attractive! 

When the business is not good -- 


I'll organization everyone in the shop cleaning, even wipe the leaves of plants, the mesa clean desk and chair, before 10 o 'clock in the morning, after 5 PM for a, keep store tidy, let each into the shop, guests feel brand high-grade environment at any time. 

When the business is not good -- 


I will look around nearby stores, business prosperous shop is how to run, comparing their own stores, find the shortage, then every bit of change. 

When the business is not good -- 


Customer one by one to grasp, the maintenance of a single sheet. Employees will produce inactive psychology, this time I'll before class, after the meeting stressed: make the spirit of an extremely, let the customer time, will feel the "white", a customer a customer's grasp, the maintenance of a single single customer. 


When the business is not good -- 


I will start around us each and every one to be our advocate and put our products sent to a network, to your friend circle, let friends to influence! Business is not good, is not necessarily the sale of our products is bad, is likely to be our customer base is not big enough, so we want to let more people know us. 


When the business is not good -- 


The more stores didn't business, the more service cannot fall. Divide staff into PK group, improve the work ability, increase energy. 


When the business is not good -- 


I'll count stores around the activities of the more popular with the customers, looking for the theme, joint product launch under the condition of marketing activities. 


So the next three months later, the business have the miraculous improving... 


So, please believe in the power of every little bit pay! 



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