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Zinc steel guardrail
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Zinc steel guardrail

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Zinc steel fence refers to the use of zinc alloy material produced by the balcony fence, because of its high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance, bright color, etc., become the mainstream residential residential products. The traditional balconies use iron bars, aluminum alloy materials.

Need to use welding and other technology, and the texture is soft, easy to rust, a single color. Zinc steel balcony fence perfectly solve the shortcomings of the traditional barrier, and affordable, as the traditional balcony railings alternative products.

Zinc steel guardrail fence

Zinc steel guardrail fence

Zinc steel guardrail fence

Characteristics of Zinc Steel

1, zinc steel substrate is made of hot dip zinc strip made of a variety of galvanized steel, the use of high-end high-frequency welding technology, welding formation, strong.

2, zinc steel galvanized pipe surface zinc content of 60-80mm / ㎡, at room temperature can be 3-5 years without rust.

3, zinc steel products are galvanized pipe again deep processing. Zinc steel fence process: mechanical processing → chemical treatment (to oil → ash → nano-ceramic → passivation) → electrostatic spraying (→ curing (220 ° high temperature imitation enamel curing) after multi-channel processing can be achieved after 20 years Does not rust

4, zinc steel products, the biggest feature is no welding, zinc steel research and development of accessories and pipe the perfect combination, to achieve a beautiful, solid and applicable, in line with the American Fence Association standards.

5, the product surface using powder coating. Its products are handsome in appearance, the color can be free to match, color wins the rainbow, no welding interspersed combination, has the super protection function, self-cleaning environmental protection, to the country advocates the true sense of the low carbon green life products.


(1), safety: the use of high-strength zinc alloy, after T5 heat treatment forming, and after a unique design, one forming, no solder joints, the overall strength greatly improved.

(2), aesthetics: streamlined appearance, soft colors, to coordinate the surrounding landscape, can melt and modern urban space and the natural environment, so you travel around.

(3), comfort: overlooking the distance, watch the beauty, to provide you with a comfortable, safe platform.

(4), practical: the surface by a special process to form a permanent protective film, smooth and smooth, never rust, clean and convenient, without maintenance.

(5), weatherability: the product of its aluminum alloy characteristics, the surface and then through special treatment, so whether the air pollution in the city or sea salt corrosion of the coastal areas, can feel at ease to use, to solve your maintenance worries.

1, the use of zinc alloy production, not rust.
2, through the advanced technology pipeline high temperature paint, the paint high temperature, sun resistant, resistant to rain, anti-corrosion, easy to peel off, and does not cause wall pollution.
3, the assembly is simple, through years of market exploration, innovation, reform, and its products have a certain degree of maturity.
4, zinc alloy material and high-tech paint combination, which confirms the new concept of green.

Can be used for roads, railways, or highways, bridges on both sides as a barrier, can be used as a protective belt, airport, port, terminal security, municipal construction of parks, lawns, zoos, ponds, roads, residential areas Isolation and protection, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment protection and decoration. The use of integrated one of the fence, in use will be connected with the pipe anchor fixed.

Diamond Wire Netting Factory & Certifications

Diamond Wire Netting & Finished Products Company covers an area of 20,000 square meters with eight workshops such as fence, gabion mesh, chain link mesh, welded wire mesh, cattle fence,razor wire, stainless wire mesh and barbecue mesh. We have been the gold supplier of Alibaba for 11 years and got certificate of I S O 9 0 0 1,   I S O 1 4 0 0 1, BV and TUV. With more than 11 years experience, we have been one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the field of wire mesh. And our products have passed S G S test for many times.

We have 4 mature product series at present: water resources protection series, fence series, construction series and Diamond brand wire netting series. Among them, our leading products are chain link fence, welded fence, razor wire, Y steel post, T steel post, cattle fence, grill net, gabions, stainless steel security window screen, steel grate, stainless steel wire cloth, mine screen mesh, etc. The quality control procedure from raw material to cargo packing is strictly carried by our QC department. We win our client by securing a consistent high quality and prompt delivery time scale. Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Tanzania, Kenya, Malaysia, East Timor, New Zealand, Guatemala, Brazil, Bolivia,etc. 

"Insisting on quality first, Being honest and high efficiency" is our company permanent operating principle. We sincerely hope to build long term cooperation with worldwide customers. Warmly welcome to visit our company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Could give me some suggestion on the fence height?

For agricuture use, the avaliable height is 0.8m-1.2m

For sheep, hog, dear, the available height is 0.8m-1.5m

For cattle, horse, the available height is 1.5m- 2.4m  


2) how length per roll?

Normally, 50m/roll or 100m/roll


3) what's the weight per roll?

weight is different for different specification. please contact me for more information


4. Are you trading company or factory?

producing wire mesh products for more than 20years 

export experiences around 16years.

10workshops are all equipped with advanced facilities, top-ranking production level,

experienced workers and professional sales 


5. How can I get a quotation?

Send inquiry pls!


6. What's your gurantee about the quality?

ISO9001, CO, SGS and any other quality inspection are accepted and certificates are available.

7. Could give me some suggestion on the fence height?

For agricuture use, the avaliable height is 0.8m-1.2m

For sheep, hog, dear, the available height is 0.8m-1.5m

For cattle, horse, the available height is 1.5m- 2.4m  


8. how length per roll?

Normally, 50m/roll or 100m/roll


9. what's the weight per roll?

weight is different for different specification. please contact me for more information

10) Special sizes are available upon request.

11) Packing: by pvc and then carton. Customer's packing is available upon request.

12) We could also supply Brass Wire Netting.

13) We could also according to clients' samples to make.

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