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I have been think, this sentence means: if not for their own profit, power, color, will move to the permission of heaven and earth. So when I saw Lin biao said that "every man for himself the devil take the hindmost", instinctively think, Lin biao person, is by no means better. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.
Now just know, "every man for himself the devil take the hindmost", the source is the Buddha said ten good karma, 24 sets: : life for himself, and god's truth, every man for himself, and the not the hindmost. Buddhist meaning are: not killing, not stealing, not fornication, not lying, not two tongue, not yee, not bad mouth, not greed, not Chen, does not see evil, is a "for myself". Not to create new, not for his cause new disaster, this is a "for myself". Only in this way will not the hindmost.
"Every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost" in this sentence, "as" is "person" to follow the moral law.
So "to" the "f", and we ordinary people understanding of self-interest is not the same meaning. Rather than fame and wealth is not a "f", not even his wife, family "f". According to Buddhism, true to "own", will be indifferent to fame and fortune, detached, such behavior respectively.
Obviously we understand "every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost", it is precisely its opposite. Such as: some businessmen, in order to profit, is added in the food or injection adverse human body; Some officials, for the sake of power, public money gift-giving, trade power, etc. The face of it, is "to", is actually destroy! It seems that Lin biao said, yes! Later study quotations from chairman MAO, read "serving the people wholeheartedly", and some confusion. Serve the people heart and soul? What about myself? Who is going to serve me! Now from the buddhist perception of "self", to serve the people, is for oneself. One for all, all for me. Today's youth, is easily said: every man for himself the devil take the hindmost. This words, have in today's world, have a contempt for money worship, selfish molecular, but I think, most people don't know the meaning of this sentence really!!!!
Note: "every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost"
Idiom pronunciation: ren bu wei j ǐ, ti ā n useful ū di mie
Idiom meaning: the word "for" read a second here, is the meaning of "accomplishment, fix for". The whole sentence is to say, if a person does not pay attention to culture, it is difficult to establish oneself in between heaven and earth.



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