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  • Jan
    ISO Certificated China Suppy Filed Farm Fence

    Field fence is one kinds fence use in cattle ,goat,deer , and pig . It is used for grassland,pastures,protection and ecogiolic projectis .Papadopoulos grassland ,forestry , highway and environment . Material : Low carbon steel wire (Q235 or Q195)/ Aluminum Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanized , p

  • Jan
    China factory high quality galvanized razor wire

    The flat warp razor barbed wire is a new type fo razor barbed wire . We press the single loop razor barbed wire into flat ,or pree two loops into flat then expand them across. We usually use it together with been line razor barbed wire to build a defencing wall , or use it along as fence Materi

  • Jan
    Field Fence

    farm guard field fence also called sheep fence, cattle fence, deer fence, horse fence, livestock fence or grassland fence.it is made by hot-dipped galvanized wire woven together, the tensile strength of crimped wire can be 1000 newton and the weft wire tensile strength can exceed 500 newton.knott

  • Jan
    Field Fence

    Field Fence is one of the most important pieces of farm infrastructure. Your fence is an investment than can last many years, so you'll want to consider your needs now and in the future carefully.Field Fence can keep unwanted predators out and livestock in. Properly installed and maintained, the

  • Jan
    Concertina Razor Edge Wire

    Concertina razor edge wire is a kind of modern security fencing materials fabricated with razor-sharp steel blade and high-tensile wire. The wire and strip are galvanized to prevent corrosion. Barbed Tape can be installed to achieve the result of frightening and stopping to the aggressive perimet



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