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the old man old legs

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As the saying goes, the old man old legs. Because two-thirds of the body's muscles in the lower body, so sexagenarian can young people 70% of the grip and arm strength, but lower body strength is

Only four. Tai Chi soft training drill in Jin meridians, feet, hair on the legs, dominate the waist shape in the fingers. Practice is the footwall strength and physical nature and coordination.

So we don't have to worry about it. Recently, experts have found that the practice of Taijiquan not only has a magical anti-aging effect, but also to exercise all parts of the body:

Brain - to promote the release of the brain in the brain, so that the mood is happy.

Lung - increase lung capacity, reduce the smoke of cigarette smokers' desire.

Back - to strengthen the back muscle strength, and less damage to the back.

Legs -- the equivalent of Taijiquan training on bone strength, could significantly enhance the leg bone and muscle strength.



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