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Best Price Heavy Duty Steel Diamond Flat Plate Expanded Metal Mesh
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Best Price Heavy Duty Steel Diamond Flat Plate Expanded Metal Mesh

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond
  • em001
  • Galvanized Iron Wire, Galvanized Iron Wire
  • Welded Mesh
  • Fence Mesh
  • 0.5-8mm
  • 1-2.1mm
  • :0.5-2mm
  • Plastic bag ,woven bag, pallet or as your requirement.
  • within 10-25 days after the payment

Description of expanded metal mesh


Expanded metal mesh is Sheet metal after punching and shearing machine shearing tensile, together with the diamond mesh plate is expected to net products.It has more materials stainless steel,thin low carbon steel,brass plate,aluminum expanded metal mesh,etc.This product is everlasting.

1.the meterials :

stainless steel plate , aluminium plate,common carbon plate ,brass plate ,nickle plate,titanium plate ,iron plate ,al-mg alloy plat

2.variety:Small,Medium and heavy expanded metal mesh.

miniature steel nets :thickness:0.3mm-0.8mm,mesh1mm*0.75mm--200mm*100mm

small steel nets:lwd:3mm-40mm,swd:2mm-25mm,thickness:0.8mm-1.6mm

more style expanded metal specification as your requirment.



Specifications of expanded metal mesh



Application of steel expanded mesh


It is used in Filters baskets,air filtration untis,Medicine,Machine guards,anima cages,the protecing of eletrical equipment window,Satety door&window,room dividers,Decorative celling,Highway fence,civil building,Concretereinforcement,Walkway,Anti-dazzle panels,Plaster trims,Fan covers.


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