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C45 woven screen mesh / mining screen mesh / crimped wire mesh
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C45 woven screen mesh / mining screen mesh / crimped wire mesh


C45 woven screen mesh / mining screen mesh / crimped wire mesh

Quarry vibrating screen mesh material:
carbon steel wire (galvanized or not)(45, 70, 72A, 82B)
manganese steel wire (65Mn, 30Mn) 
stainless steel wire (201,202, 304, 316, 304L, 316L)

Quarr vibrating screen mesh specifications:
Mesh: Square mesh and Triple Slot mesh.
Crimping: Double crimped,Inter crimped,Lock crimped etc.
Opening: 3mm to 200mm with wires 1.4mm to 12.7mm thick;

Edge: Raw Edge,plated sheathed,hooked,inner plated welded etc.
Thinner wire screen can also be supplied in rolls.
Edge: Raw Edge,plated sheathed,hooked,inner plated welded etc.
Thinner wire screen can also be supplied in rolls.
wire diameter: 0.5-16mm;                                                                                                                        
width: about under 2m;      

Quarry vibrating screen mesh weaving:
plain weave;            twill weave;                dutch weave

Quarry Vibrating Screen Mesh Product show

mining screen mesh

 mining screen mesh

Product Description


  • Large percentage open area

  • Fit for any tensioning hooks and any deck of the screen

  • Quick and easy change out of deck

mining screen mesh


mining screen mesh

Screen mesh are used in vibtrating screen and widely used for grading and screening materials in he following fields:minerals,quarry,building materials,water conservanc and hydropower,transportation,chemical industry,smelting,and so on.

mining screen mesh

Diamond Wire Netting & Finished Products Company can offer different delivery method in accorcance with different quantity .We can delivery the goods to you by different express company according to you request

Company Information

Diamond Wire Netting & Finished Products Company is engaged in the production and development of wire mesh . We are located in the famous Wire Mesh Land of China-Anping, Hebei Province, China. we have developed into a famous enterprise in wire mesh business.Following ISO9001:2008 , BV and TUV standards strictly and paying attention to prestige and contracts, we have won markets and got customers' good reputations.
mining screen mesh

Our service
1. Delivery time:15 days after receive the deposit payment.
2.Price:We will choose high quality and low price od the shipping company.
3.Loading the goods:we will track all the way,to ensure product safety,quick to arrive at the destination ports.4.Company for products and accessories ,for a long time to be able to provide various products accessories at cost to the customer at any time.
5.Quality control

mining screen mesh

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