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Construction machine,Rebar thread rolling machine
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Construction machine,Rebar thread rolling machine

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond rebar thread rolling machine
  • Used thread rolling machine D5-05
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • 14-40mm
  • Mechanical processing
  • 45 carbon structural steel
  • Wooden case, Plywood case or at customer's demand
  • 7-15 days


Rebar thread rolling machine
Machine Diameter:12-50mm
Thread pitch: 2.5mm,3.0mm, 3.5mm
Process rebar of HRB335,HRB400,HRB500


                                           Rebar Thread Rolling Machine Detailed Information


Machine Description


The rebar thread rolling machine series is mainly used to process the ribbed rebar to provide the rebar head with parallel screw thread in construction. It is the key equipment to realize the rebar parallel splicing. 



Machine Parameters


Rebar diameter: 14mm-40mm


Process rebar of HRB335, HRB400 and HRB500


Thread pitch: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm


Thread angle: 60°/75°


Voltage: 380 V, 50 HZ


Rotate speed: 40-62 r/min


Thread length: 60mm, 65mm, 100mm, 110mm,200mm,300mm


Power: 4.0KW


After-service provided


 Machine Features


1. It can process rebars of HRB335, HRB400and HRB500 with diameter from 14mm to 40mm. 

2. It has the unique self opening die head. The rebar is clamped only once and rebar head with screw thread can be processed within 30 seconds. 

3. The process of the parallel thread adopts cold rolling technology. The rebar head has no false thread and the thread size is precise. 


4. The process doesn't destroy the bottom diameter of the base material. The splicing strength is stronger than that of the parent material. 

5. Reasonable design. There is only one handpiece to process left-handed and right-handed thread, which is quite easy to operate and maintain. The cutting tool can be replaced for only 3-5 minutes.



Machine Advantage


* Rib peeling completed by one-time steel bar nipping, roll screw thread with fast speed. 


* Highly automatic and easy to operate. 


* Rolling wheel has long service period, low additive cost of connector. 


* Few roll head specifications, wide scope of steel bar machining, 14mm - 40mm steel bar screw thread machining with one machine. 


* Easy to adjust for rolling steel bars in different specifications; Rebar coupler can connect rebar diameter from 14mm to 40mm, the tensile strength is equal to rebar material. 




Machine Spare Parts With Each Machine


Threading Roller : 2 sets


Rib Peeling Blade: 1 set


Positioning Disk: 1 set


Tool Setting Rod: 1 set


Maintenance Tool: 1 set


Working Spanner: 1 pc


Diameter of rebar Φ16- Φ22 Φ25- Φ32 Φ36- Φ40
Outer diameter of threading roller 78.3mm 70mm 60mm
Length 45mm 45mm 45mm
Inner diameter 30mm 30mm 30mm
Thread pitch 2.5mm 3mm 3mm
Material Gr12Mov




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