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Diamond brand GI hexagonal mesh (factory)
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Diamond brand GI hexagonal mesh (factory)

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond-low price hexagonal wire mesh
  • Diamond brand hexagonal mesh-001
  • Galvanized Iron Wire, Galvanized Iron Wire
  • Wire Cloth
  • Cages
  • Hexagonal
  • 1"
  • BWG16---BWG 27
  • In rolls and then wrapped up with the Black waterproof paper or with tags as request.
  • 25-30days


Diamond brand GI hexagonal mesh
Mesh: 3/8"--4"
Wire Dia.:BWG16---BWG 27ect
Glavanized/PVC coated, before or after weaving


Company Information


 Diamond brand GI hexagonal mesh


Diamond brand hexagonal wire netting material:


1.galvanized wire: low carbon still wire with diameter ranging from 0.4mm to 1.6mm, tensile strength≥380mpa, the wire surface is galvanized, the thickness of zinc layer is customizable , the max zinc content is 300g/m2

2.zinc-5% aluminum-mixed mischmetal alloy steel wire: a new-type material with diameter ranging from 0.4mm to 1.6mm, tensile strength≥380mpa. it offers as more than three times the corrosion resistance of pure zinc

3.galvanized steel wire, PVC or PE coated: PVC or PE coating will provide great protection to the gabion wire mesh, especially in a high-pollution environment.

4.zinc-5%aluminum-mixed mischmetal alloy steel wire, PVC or PE coated: the steel wire is coated with a PVC or PE protective layer, which provides protection against pollution and can be available in various colors.


Diamond brand hexagonal wire netting feature:


1.Economical. you just need to put stones in the mesh and then seal it


2.Flexible. corrosion resistant and can stand up to extreme weather


3.Simple struction , requiring no special technique


4.the silt between the wire mesh and stone contributes to plant grows. this makes the gabion mesh harmonious with the surrounding natural environment


5.Good permeability of the mesh prevents damage caused by hydrostatic force, thus helping ensure the stability of hillside and beach


6.the gabion mesh folding and can be assembled on side, which saves on transport costs

Diamond brand hexagonal wire netting use:

Control  it used wide in building, oil, chemical industry, breed, plant protection , food processing’s reinforce guard and heat preservation , for example: make net cast ,stone cage ,insulated net wall ,boiler cover, poultry fence etc.

Packaging & Shipping


Diamond brand hexagonal wire netting packing:

standard export package as your requirements



Specification of Hexagnal Wire Netting
Inch mm Tolerance(mm) Width Length Wire Diameter(BWG)
3/8" 10 ±1.0 2'-1M 30m-50m 27,26,25,24,23
1/2" 13 ±1.5 2'-2M            25,24,23,22,21
5/8" 16 ±2.0 2'-2M 27,26,25,24,23,22
3/4" 20 ±3.0 2'-2M            25,24,23,22,21,20,19
1" 25 ±3.0 1'-2M            25,24,23,22,21,20,19,18
1-1/4" 31 ±4.0 1'-2M                       23,22,21,20,19,18
1-1/2" 40 ±5.0 1'-2M                       23,22,21,20,19,18
2" 50 ±6.0 1'-2M                       23,22,21,20,19,18
2-1/2" 65 ±7.0 1'-2M                                  21,20,19,18
3" 75 ±8.0 2'-2M                                        20,19,18,17
4" 100 ±8.0 2'-2M                                              19,18,17,16
Finish:Galvanzed,pvc coated stainless steel
PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Netting
Mesh Wire Gauge (MM) Width
Inch MM - -
1/2" 13mm 0.6mm - 1.0mm 2' - 2M
3/4" 19mm 0.6mm - 1.0mm 2' - 2M
1" 25mm 0.7mm - 1.3mm 1' - 2M
1-1/4" 30mm 0.85mm - 1.3mm 1' - 2M
1-1/2" 40mm 0.85mm - 1.4mm 1' - 2M
2" 50mm 1.0mm - 1.4mm 1' - 2M
Properties of Wire
Wire Diameter(mm) Minimum Zinc Coating(g/m⊃2;) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Wire Tolerance (mm)
Over 1.90 to 2.30 220 515mxa ±0.08
Over 2.30 to 2.70 230 515mxa ±0.08
Over 2.70 to 3.10 240 485mxa ±0.08
Over 3.10 to 3.50 260 485mxa ±0.08
Over 3.50 to 3.90 270 485mxa ±0.08
Over 3.90 to 4.50 275 485mxa ±0.08
The standard is adopt from ASME A641



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