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Fiberglass net, Fiberglass mesh marble net, fiberglass mesh for external wall
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Fiberglass net, Fiberglass mesh marble net, fiberglass mesh for external wall

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond
  • DWS-65
  • Wall Materials
  • 50-200g/square meter
  • 1m-2.5m
  • 4*4mm 5*5mm 10*10mm, 2.5x2.5mm-10x10mm...etc
  • Plain Woven
  • C-Glass
  • Medium
  • 600
  • plastic bag inside; woven bag outside. other packing: plastic bag inside; carton box outside. Or as your requests
  • 15-30days after received the deposit


wall plaster fiberglass mesh/ reinforcement concrete fiberglass mesh/fiberglass mesh for waterproofing/fiberglass mesh 

fiberglass mesh  is woven of alkali-free or mild alkali fiberglass, then coated by the anti-alkali and reinforcing agent and treated by high temperature heat finishing. The most common place to find fiberglass mesh is intapeproducts.




Characteristic of the fiberglass mesh for external wall   

1.Good chemical stability: Alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, waterproof, cement erosion-resistant, and other chemical corrosion resistant, and strong bonding with resin, soluble in styrene.

2. High strength, high modulus, light weight.

3. Good dimensional stability, stiffness, smooth, not easy to shrinkage deformation, good positioning.

4. Good impact resistance. (Due to the high intensity and toughness

5. Anti mildew and insect.

6. Fire protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulation





Application of the fiberglass mesh for external wall  

1. Reinforced wall materials

2. Reinforced cement products

3. Used for Granite, mosaic, marble back mesh etc.

4. Waterproofing membrane cloth, asphalt roofing

5. Framework material for reinforced plastics, rubber products

6 .Fire board

7. Grinding wheel base fabric.

8. Road surface with geogrid

9. Construction caulking tape etc.




Specification of the fiberglass mesh for external wall  

It contains interior wall insulation f, External wall insulation, GRC reinforced mesh, fiberglass tape four kinds.

1.Mesh:2.5×2.5mm,3×3mm,4×4mm,4×5mm,5×5mm,6×6mm,8×8mm,9×9mm,10×10mm and so on.

2.Weight:50-180gr/square meter



5.Color: white, yellow, blue, green






Photos of fiberglass mesh


Application for fiberglass mesh for external wall



fiberglass mesh ISO Certification

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