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Field Fence

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Field Fence is one of the most important pieces of farm infrastructure. Your fence is an investment than can last many years, so you'll want to consider your needs now and in the future carefully.
Field Fence can keep unwanted predators out and livestock in. Properly installed and maintained, the proper fence will save you time, frustration, money, and your relationship with your neighbors.
High-tensile wire field fence is a semi-permanent fencing option that is smooth and strong. It has a somewhat high up-front cost but when averaged over the life of the fence, it is very economical.

You can also find high-tensile woven wire fencing, for wildlife control as well as to keep livestock in.

Suitable for:
horses (often combined with tape or rope to make it more visible to horses)

Style No. Filler Gauge Top & Bottom Gauge Pullout Spacing Fence Height Roll Length
813-6-14 14 12 6”/12” 813mm 50m/100m
902-6-14 14 12 6”/12” 902mm 50m/100m
1016-6-14 14 12 6”/12” 1016mm 50m/100m
1143-6-14 14 12 6”/12” 1143mm 50m/100m
1245-6-14 14 12 6”/12” 1245mm 50m/100m
1422-6-14 14 12 6”/12” 1422mm 50m/100m
1800-6-14 14 12 6”/12” 1800mm 50m/100m
2000-6-14 14 12 6”/12” 2000mm 50m/100m




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