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HOT SALE Diamond brand plastic window screen
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HOT SALE Diamond brand plastic window screen

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • diamond
  • PWC
  • plastic wire
  • Wire Cloth
  • window screen
  • Square
  • BWG31-32
  • plastic bag,or as required
  • 25 days after received down payment

HOT SALE Diamond brand Plastic window screen professional manufacture


HOT SALE Plastic window screen is made of Vinyl-Coated fiberglass yarn under the process unifilar plastic-coating, plain weaving and high temperature-fix, fiberglass mesh is well transparent, fire resistance and easy cleaning. Plastic(Nlyon) Window Netting is the economical choice to prevent insect and mosquito.


1. HOT SALE Diamond brand plastic window screen detial:

Gauge(mm): dia:0.15-0.33mm   w 2' to 9',  L 50'  to 300' 
Color: green(dark, light), gray( dark, light ), blue(dark, light), pure white, black. 

2. HOT SALE Diamond brand plastic window screen type:

Fiberglass Window Screening


Galvanized Iron Window Screening


Enameled Iron Window Screening


Aluminum Window Screening


PVC Coated Window Screening


Stainless steel Window screening




3.HOT SALE Diamond brand plastic window screen feature:

a. Effective insect barrier.

b. Easily fixed and removed, sun-shade proof.

c. Easily Clean, No smell, good for health.

d. the mesh is uniform, no bright lines in the whole roll.

e. Touch soft , no crease after folding.

f. Fire resistant, good tensile strength,long life.

4. HOT SALE Diamond brand plastic window screen use:

1)stall in window or door as window screen or mosquito 

2)used in greenhouse,as anti-insect or anti trip net 

3)used in fishing breeding or poultry rasing as pool guard or garden guard 

4)used in agricutlure product for food drying  


Packaging & Shipping


5.HOT SALE Diamond brand plastic window screen packing:

1) in transparent bag with label,then in container.

2) in transparent bag with label, 2 roll/4rolls/6rolls/10rolls in plastic woven bag then in container.  

3) in transparent bag with label, 2 rolls/4 rolls/6rolls in carton, then in container.






6. size are listed as below:

Mesh Wire gauge Weight Type Color Roll size
14x14 BWG31/BWG32 90g Leno Weave Green/Grey 36"X100'
14X14 BWG31/BWG32 100g leno Weave Grey/Black 48"X100'
18X14 BWG31/BWG32 115g Plain Weave Grey/Black 60"X100'
18X16 BWG31/BWG32 120g Plain Weave Grey/White 1.0Mx25M
20X20 BWG31/BWG32 145g Plain Weave Grey/Black 1.0Mx30M

1)Special sizes are available upon request.

2)Packing:by pvc and then carton.

   Customer's packing is available upon request.

3)We could also supply Brass Wire Netting.

4)We could also according to clients' samples to make.


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