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High Quality Various Color Customized Field Fence

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Manufacture fence is our specility , weather you are keeoing animals in or keeping animals out  , Heshuo fence can provide you with the type you need and install the fence correctly so it will last . agricultural fencing including livestock fencing and Deer fencing  . 
 We understand how important it is to enclose  horses with horse fence desinged especially for them . 

The choice of animail breeding applications : 
According to animails you are keeping , we provide you with various fence , suce as horse fence , sheep fence , deer fence , cattle fence , chicken fence ,dog fence , and hog wire fence . as your requirements , the fence  for other animials are availble . 

The choice of zinc coating : 
Four types coating as your requirements can be offered as follow :
Commerical zinc coating : With the lowest corrosion resistance for temporary usage . 
Class 1 zinc coating : basic coating with a guarantee about 2 to 11 years without rust . 
Class 3 zinc coating : 2.5 times heavier and thicker than class 1 , with longer guarantee about 13 to 30 years with rust . 
Zinc-aluminum coating : zinc- aluminum compound material with about three times longer service time than class 1. 

The choice of gauge : 
You can choice sutable for you according to your various applications :

a.Contain a range of livestock 
b.Prevent predators from entering fence . 
c.Keep animals away from roads and highways . 
d. Protecting the fisheries and ponds .
e.Versatile for protecting forestry . 
f. Capable the solar panel protection . 

Our company not only offer you the widest choice to build your own field fence , but offer you the best service , suce as offer advice about selecting the right fence and how to install it . 




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