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Meatal foldable Storage Cage hot sale,lockable storage cage,steel cage with wheels(manufactures,ISO quality)
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Meatal foldable Storage Cage hot sale,lockable storage cage,steel cage with wheels(manufactures,ISO quality)

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond
  • DSC-51
  • Wire Container
  • Medium Duty
  • 500-1000kg
  • hot dipped galvanized
  • Carton, bubble film, PE shrink bag, woodren pallet as per clients' requests
  • 15 days


High quality ,low price .
High strengh,foldable
Direct factory

Product Description

Foldable steel  metal storage cage  

The wire container is handled and is easy to open and close, easily for transportation, and be foldable.

The bottom is adopted the U-channel steel to strengthen the loading intensity.
The special foot base structure assures the stability of wire container when loading and heaping.
Spiral spring hinge connects the reticular pieces, which makes the wire container can be folded when they are idle.
The top is fixed by clamp that assures the intensity of the hinge.
Auxiliary strengthened structure assures the stability of wire container when heaping.
Adopting the multipoint spot welding technique assures the wire container durable.
Individual bolt assures the easy opening of the door when the wire container is heaped

Model External Measurements (LxWxH) (mm) Wire Dia Net Weight Mesh pitch Capacity Legs height
(mm) kg (mm) (kg) (mm)
DS-51 1000x800x840 6 49 50x50 1200 100
DS-51 1000x800x840 6.4 54 50x50 1500 100
DS-51 1000x800x500 6.4 40 50x50 1000 100
DS-51 1000x800x840 4.8 37 50x50 500 100
DS-51 1000x800x840 6.4 45 50x100 1000 100


1.Storage cage of the specifications of the unified, fixed capacity, storage cage appearance for galvanized or spraying (storage cage spraying color can be according to customer requirements to produce).

2, storage cage, storage of goods, a flame, each storage cage can number, convenient for warehouse inventory.

3 of stacking, storage cage can achieve four storeys, implementation of three-dimensional warehouse storage, save space.

4, storage cage with forklift, elevators, cranes and other equipment, can be used for the transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage, warehousing and storage storage cage, for each link in the logistics.

5, storage cage with strong steel spot welding and become, at the bottom of the storage cage with u-shaped channel steel welded reinforcing, make the structure more stronger. Storage cage, easy operation, wide application, fixed number of year long. Also can use modified other appliances. (such as: foot mounted wheels)

1, unified warehouse cage specifications, capacity, fixed deposit be clear at a glance, easy to warehouse inventory. 2, warehouse cage can be used, elevators, cranes, forklift stack with each other Four stories, the realization of three-dimensional storage. 3, warehouse cage, convenient operation, wide application, long service life.

Application of  storage cage
Storage cage can be widely used in various industries: die casting, forging parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, metal stamping parts, engineering machinery parts, metal products, pipe fittings, gear, building sanitary ware parts, lamp act the role ofing, furniture, toys, postal logistics, medicine, logistics, business, catering, food, agricultural and sideline products, etc
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