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PVC Coated & Galvanized Cyclone Mesh
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PVC Coated & Galvanized Cyclone Mesh

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • DF-C-1017
  • Low-Carbon Iron Wire, Low-Carbon Iron Wire
  • Chain Link Mesh
  • Fence Mesh
  • 75X75MM
  • 2.7mm
  • wrap the both ends by plastic bag and woven bag.
  • 7-30days after order


PVC Coated & Galvanized Cyclone Mesh
Wire diameter: 2.5-5.0mm
Mesh : 25mm-100mm
ISO,BV certificate

PVC Coated & Galvanized  Cyclone Mesh  

Wire dia.:2.0-4.0mm

Mesh size:25*25mm-100*100mm

Roll length: 10m-50m

Roll width: 0.5m-5m

  Cyclone Mesh , is diamond-shape hole wire mesh panel, which made from galvanized or pvc coated iron wire, to fix with posts, brace and fittings to build a chain link fence system in the park, tennis court, airport and other places.
  1) Application Process: Select high-quality low-carbon steel wire rod, then make it into the appropriate thickness low-carbon steel wire with the drawing machine.


2) Surface treatment:
Make Q195/Q235 Low-carbon steel wire into PVC wire, electrical galvanized wire, hot-dip galvanized wire.


3) Weaving
Using the development machinery to make the surface treatment finished low-carbon steel wire into per-forming form, then linking them together.


4) Edge
Knuckled-Knuckled, Barbed-Barbed, Knuckled-Barbed.

 5) Contraction and packing
we use the machines to contract the roll diameter of chain link fence panel into the smallest one, in order to save transportation costs by saving volume.

6) Specification

   Cyclone Mesh Specifitions


13-12 Gauge


12-11 1/2 Gauge


11 Gauge(3mm)
APPLICATIONS Economy Standard Residential Light Commercial
MESH SIZE 2 3/8"(60mm) 2"(50mm), 2 3/8"(60mm), 1 1/4"(30mm) 2"(50mm)
COATING Galvanized before weaving Galvanized before weaving 200g/m2
HEIGHTS 36"-157"(0.9m-4m)
SELVAGE Knuckle & Knuckle; Barbed & Barbed; Knuckle & Barbed(Wire Diameter≤2.5mm)
STANDARD ROLL 50ft(15m) per roll
IDEAL USES Light redidential fencing. Temporary construction fencing Residential fencing, Kennel fencing, Swimming Pool Fencing Tennis Courts, airport fence, field fence, prison fence, security fence  

Mesh Opening

1'- 4'(25mm-100mm), popular: 50x50mm

Wire Diameter

18#-7#(1.2mm - 4.5mm), popular: 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm

Roll Width

0.5m - 5m, popular: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m, 3.6m

Roll Length

1m - 50m, popular: 10m, 15m, 25m


Specifications can be made according to your requirements


Application of  PVC Coated & Galvanized Cyclone Mesh  


 Packing Details of PVC Coated & Galvanized  Cyclone Mesh :


Wrap up the two edges of the crimpled rolls with the plastic weaving bags.





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