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PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh
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PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond
  • DCF-001
  • Wall Materials
  • 60-1600g/sqm
  • 1m 1.2m
  • 4*4 5*5
  • Plain Woven
  • E-Glass
  • Alkali Free
  • 300
  • normal size 2m-3m or as your request
  • 15mm-100mm
  • white green blue etc
  • put into carton box or as your requests
  • 7-15days afer down payment
Product Description



PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh 


Common quality defects PVC corner bead is mainly used for insulation and interior and exterior decoration, insulation is mainly used for insulation board corners and cornice construction use, indoor and outdoor decoration mainly addressed in the construction and long-term existence of the sun angle is not straight, pretty, easily damaged corner.On the external wall insulation processing, construction is slow, impact resistance poor corner, after a long period of weathering, water seepage, resulting in wall cracks.

Characteristic of the corner bead 


1. Easy operation, simplified construction procedures. Reduce construction costs

2. Collision ability, can prevent construction workers at construction time met a corner chipped. 3.Able to address indoor yin and yang angle not straight questions.

4.There is a security angle covered with fiberglass mesh into one, in the internal and external insulation can effectively address the positive angle not straight, injustice, easy collision damaged a common problem

Common specifications:
1. Width: 25mm x 25mm or  20mm x 20mm
2. Length: 2m - 2.5m
3. Fiberglass Mesh Width: 100mm x 100mm

4. Fiberglass mesh: 5*5mm 145g/m2 ,5X5mm 160g/M2 ,or meeting customer’s needing.

5. Regular size: The length is 2M per PC;

6. Packing: 150 pcs per carton or accoding to customer's requirements

Common package: 400m/CTN

Application of the pvc corner bead with fiberglass mesh

  Straight edge to resist rupture or crack, and to protect the most vulnerable part and reinforcement plaster, its website can be firmly anchored into the wings on either side of the ridge line of the plaster corner bead can be formed on the ridgeline of plaster works the full depth of the mud. Corner nets stucco is very important, because the construction and completion of construction at the corner of the easiest to use mortar compromised, and because of its easy construction can save a lot of time.


Packaging & Shipping


 In carton or as your requirement.



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