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Rockfall Netting with Good Price

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Gabion slope protection netting( Gabion wire mesh roll)  Technical data

1. Nominal Mesh wire diameter: 2.7mm or 3.0mm
2. Galvanization (Zinc coating)

Galvanized(zinc coated) steel wire according to ASTM A 641-92;

The minimum weight of the zinc coating shall be according to ASTM A 90-93
3. Mesh type: hexagonal woven Mesh 
4. Regular mesh(hole) size: 6x8cm, 8x10cm, 10x12cm, 12x15cm are all available
5. Standard roll size: 2m width with 25m or 50m length, customize available, gabion mesh box sizes also can be as requst.


The double twist hexagonal wire mesh can withstand the force of the falling rocks without unravelling in the event of wire breakage. The mesh is anchored at the top of the slope with a trench at the bottom to collect the debris. Encapsulating vegetative soil pockets under the drapery system permits the establishment of vegetation if conditions permit.

The PVC sheets, for custom orders, available in different colors: Green, Grey, Black, Brown and etc.

The Packing 

1.40-100 pcs per bundle, binding with steel strape or strands, plastic film covering, with pallets; 

2.in rolls;
3.as customers requirement.




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