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Steel Palisade Fencing
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Steel Palisade Fencing

  • Fencing, Trellis & Gates
  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • DF-PA-1001
  • Metal
  • Iron
  • Easily Assembled
  • In bulk or in pallet.
  • 7-30days


Palisade Fencing
*Material: Galvanized, pvc coated steel sheet
*Post: Square post
*Factory & exporter

Palisade Fencing

1. Palisade Fencing
is offered in a range of heights up to 3.6m.It can be supplied assembled in panels,or bundled for site assembly along with either bolts or rivets.



2. Palisade Fencing is available in a range of finishes,hot dipped galvanized,or galvanized firstly then pvc coated in various colours to blend with the environment.

The forbidding appearance and inherent strength of the pales provide an effective deterrent to would be intruders.It is available in a choice of head styles,both in the traditional Dpale profile and Wsection pale for security.

3. Palisade Fencing Construction

    Standard Height                         Pale Section                        Head Profile
      1.2m                      /                    3.0mmD             /         Round & Notched
      1.5m                      /                    3.0mmD             /         Round & Notched
      1.8m                      /                    3.0mmD             /         Round & Notched
      1.8m                      /                    3.0mmD             /         Triple Pointed
      1.8m                      /                    2.0mmW            /         Triple Pointed
      2.0m                      /                    2.0mmD             /         Round & Notched
      2.0m                      /                    3.0mmD             /         Triple Pointed
      2.0m                      /                    2.0mmW            /         Triple Pointed
      2.1m                      /                    3.0mmD             /         Triple Pointed
      2.1m                      /                    2.0mmW            /         Triple Pointed
      2.4m                      /                    2.0mmD             /         Triple Pointed
      2.4m                      /                    3.0mmD             /         Round & Notched
      2.4m                      /                    2.0mmW            /         Triple Pointed
      2.4m                      /                    2.5mmW            /         Triple Pointed

      3.0m                      /                    3.0mmD             /         Triple Pointed

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