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SteelT Post

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SteelT Post


Common Steel & Rail Steel


5' , 5.5' , 6' , 6.5' , 7' , 8' , 9' , 10'


 0.85lbs/ft, 0.93lbs/ft, 0.95lbs/ft, 1.10lbs/ft, 1.25lbs/ft, 1.33lbs/ft, 1.50lbs/ft


color painted or galvanized


farm fencing,garden fencing


 5pcs/bundle, 200pcs or 400pcs/pallet. 

The Heavy Duty Steel Green Painted T-Post is perfect for supporting varying height and weight fences in farm or residential applications. The post is manufactured from recycled railroad steel and weights 0.95lbs, 1.25 lbs. & 1.33lbs, etc. per foot. The post is designed in a “T” configuration, has studs every 2-1/2 inches to help support the fence, and includes a 7 in. long by 3 in. wide steel anchor plate to stabilize the post in the ground.

  • Manufactured from rail steel

  • Weight 1.25 lbs. per lin. ft., including the anchor plate

  • Coated with rust-resistant green enamel paint for corrosion protection

  • Should be driven into the ground a minimum of 12 in.

  • Use Fence Post Driver or sledge hammer to drive post into the ground

  • Galvanized Steel T-Post Clips (sold separately) can be used to attach the fence fabric

  • Perfect for heavier steel fences up to 5 ft. high

Packaging & Shipping

Packing details:In pallet. 

Delivery details: According To The Quantity And Specification Of  Each Order



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