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bottom price electro galvanized field fence
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bottom price electro galvanized field fence



electro galvanized field fence:
1.wire dia: 2.0 2.5
2.height: 0.5-2m

Electro Galvanized Field Fence Professional Manufacture

Field Fence
  • Gabion wire mesh machine

  • Reinforced key position

  • More efficient then normal gabion machinery

  • Easy to operate and maintain

Product Description     

electro galvanized field fence material:

Electro galvazied iron wire

Field Fence

electro galvanized field fence appolication:

Field fence is a kind of mesh used in cattle, goat, deer, and pig.

It is used for grassland, pastures, protection of ecological projects,

Papadopoulos grassland, forestry, highway and environment.

Field Fence
Field Fence
Field Fence

electro galvanized field fence feature:

Features: Galvanized cattle fencing we offer have innovative and firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening and good integration. This product offers good flexibility; good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance properties and can serve for a very long time. Even the cut pieces will not deform under pressure. It has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidizing property. Unlike the welded wire mesh fences with the welding spots getting easily broken, our grassland fences are firm forever once installed and make the best materials for protecting grassland, forestry, highway and environments.

Packaging & Shipping  

electro galvanized field fence packing:

50m or 100m length per roll or according to customer requirement .
Field Fence
 Field Fence
Field Fence   

size are listed as below:

Specificaton of Cattle Fence
No. Mesh Type Horizontal  Wire Space (mm) Weight(kg) Selvedge Wire Dia(mm) Mesh Wire Dia(mm) Roll Dia(mm)
1 7/150/813/50 102+114+127+140+152+178 19.3 2.5 2 280
2 8/150/813/50 89+89+102+114+127+140+152 20.8 2.5 2 280
3 8/150/902/50 89+102+114+127+140+152+178 21.6 2.5 2 280
4 8/150/1016/50 102+114+127+140+152+178+203 22.6 2.5 2 280
5 8/150/1143/50 114+127+140+152+178+203+229 23.6 2.5 2 280
6 9/150/991/50 89+89+102+114+127+140+152+178 23.9 2.5 2 280
7 9/150/1245/50 102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 26.0 2.5 2 280
8 10/150/1194/50 89+89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203 27.3 2.5 2 280
9 10/1501/1334/50 89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 28.4 2.5 2 280
10 11/150/1422/50 89+89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 30.8 2.5 2 280
Customized type is also available

  Field Fence


Field Fence   

About Diamond

Field Fence
Field Fence   

Our Services   

Our services 

Field Fence   


When requesting a quote, please specify:

1.Mesh type (you can chose one from the form or design as your require)

2.Surface treatment of wire(electric galvanized wire/hot dipped galvanized wire/PVC coated)


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