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fiberglass fabric,fiberglass cloth,Fiberglass scree
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fiberglass fabric,fiberglass cloth,Fiberglass scree

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • FWS-01
  • Screen
  • 0.9m,1.2m,1.5m, 0.5-2.5m
  • Plain Woven
  • E-Glass
  • Medium
  • Fiberglass wire, nylon, plastic
  • 80-160g/m2
  • 14*14, 14*16, 14*18, 16*16, 16*18, 18*18, 20*20
  • yellow, green. blue, black etc.
  • with paper tube inside, then water proof plastic bag outside, and put in carton or as your requirements
  • within 7 days after your 30% prepayment


reinforced fiberglass mesh
Weight: 80-160g/m2
Width: 0.5-2.5m


Product Description


Fiberglass screen is mainly used as fiberglass insect screen or sunshade fabrics for pool and patio. It can be made into window screen for window or door shield, pet screen, fiberglass reinforced geogrid fabrics, fiberglass solar screen and other forms for a wide range of applications. It also may produced to fiberglass mesh bag used for date palm protection against the smallest insect.

The most popular products and specifications:

  • 1m × 50m(roll) fiberglass mesh 160gr 4mm × 4mm or 4mm × 5mm mesh size, color: white, blue, orange, yellow, green, used in salt water acquarium.
  • 400 Lf. 6' mesh in black or bronze color for pool enclosure.
  • Impregnated fiber glass mesh 51g/m2, 75g/m2, 145g/m2, 165g/m2. Length 50m’, width 1.00m, roll=50m⊃2;.
  • Fiber glass self adhesive dry wall tapes 75g/m2, width 5cm and 10cm. (50mm × 10m, 50mm × 20m, 50mm × 45m, 50mm × 90M, 50mm × 150m, 100mm × 90m, 100mm × 100m, 100mm × 150m). Hole size 2.3 × 2.3mm or 3 × 3mm.
  • Coated alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh for coating polyurea spray swimming pools flooring walls or building mesh debris catchers for pool.
  • Fiberglass plain woven mesh fabric with dipping: mesh size 6.3mm × 6.3mm, yarn count 22tex × 22tex, weight yarn 7.5g/m2,  after dipped 9.0g/m2, width1.6m, roll length 8,000m/roll.
  • Alkali-resistant white fiberglass mesh 110 g/m2, with 5 × 5 mm mesh, used for aluminum corner bead with fiberglass mesh.
  • Fiber glass reinforcement net used for reinforcement of rear side of travertine / marble stones slab and tile, with mesh size 4×4 mm, Weight/m2 70 g - 130g,1.5m×100m/roll, white color.
  • 4 × 4mm 160 gr C glass high alkaline resistance fiberglass mesh used as exterior wall for insulation
  • 18 × 16 standard mesh fiberglass vinyl coated insect screen for windows and doors, yarn diameter 0.010 - 0.011, Mesh opening 59%.


Packaging & Shipping



     1)    in transparent bag with label,then in container.



      2)    in transparent bag with label, 2 rolls/4 rolls/6rolls in carton, then in container.




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