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fiberglass net (manufacture)/factory of fiberglass net/ waterproofing use fiberglass net
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fiberglass net (manufacture)/factory of fiberglass net/ waterproofing use fiberglass net

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond-fiberglass mesh
  • fiberglass mesh-02
  • Wall Materials
  • 160g/m2 ,145g/m2 ,45g/m2
  • 1m
  • 4mm*4mm
  • Plain Woven
  • C-Glass
  • Medium
  • 600
  • fiberglass net
  • plastic bag and then woven bag or as customer's requirement
  • 20-25days

fiberglass net




Fiber glass mesh is based on C-glass or E-glass woven cloth and treated by alkali-resistant copolymer resin 

on the surface. The woven cloth is made of fiberglass yarn or roving by means of leno or plain weave. The 

diameter of elementary fiberglass varies between 9 and 15 micron. The resin used for the surface treatment 

ensures the property of alkali-resistance and increases the mechanical durablity that is required by the 

construction industry.




Another area in which glass fibre mesh fabric is used is the large scale marble processing industry. When a large marble slab is made or lower quality marble is used, the glass fibre mesh is bonded on one side of the slab. This processing prevents marble slab damage during manipulation and further processing.

In most case, polyester resin is used to bond mesh fabrics to the slab. To assure strong adhesion, mesh fabrics with special surface treatment(marked A 105) are used. This treatment dissolves when exposed to 

polyester resin ensuring good glass fibre soaking by resin and therefore a strong and reliable connection




mesh size: 4X4mm. 4X4.5mm. 4X5mm. 5X5mm. 6X6mm. 8X8mm. 10X10mm


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