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fiberglass plain weave window screen/fiberglass inner screen
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fiberglass plain weave window screen/fiberglass inner screen

  • Door & Window Screens
  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • DWS-07
  • Fiberglass
  • BWG31-32
  • 3' 4' 5' '6'
  • 100' 50 '
  • white,green,blue...
  • Each roll with paper tube inner,then plastic bag,the outer is nylong bag or carton also acceptive customer's demands
  • within 15-20days after 30% advance payment

fiberglass window screen professional manufacture

Fiberglass Insect Screen is made of Vinyl-Coated fiberglass yarn under the process unifilar plastic-coating, plain weaving and high temperature-fix, fiberglass mesh is well transparent, fire resistance and easy cleaning. Plastic(Nlyon) Window Netting is the economical choice to prevent insect and mosquito.

Product Description 


1. fiberglass window screen detial:

Mesh:14*14,16*14,18*14,18*16,18*18,20*18,20*20 and so on
Gauge(mm): dia:0.15-0.33mm   w 2' to 9',  L 50'  to 300' 
Color: green(dark, light), gray( dark, light ), blue(dark, light), pure white, black. 

2. window screen type:

Fiberglass Window Screening


Galvanized Iron Window Screening


Enameled Iron Window Screening


Aluminum Window Screening


PVC Coated Window Screening


Stainless steel Window screening




3. fiberglass window screen feature:

a. Effective insect barrier.

b. Easily fixed and removed, sun-shade proof.

c. Easily Clean, No smell, good for health.

d. the mesh is uniform, no bright lines in the whole roll.

e. Touch soft , no crease after folding.

f. Fire resistant, good tensile strength,long life.

4. fiberglass window screen use:

1)stall in window or door as window screen or mosquito 

2)used in greenhouse,as anti-insect or anti trip net 

3)used in fishing breeding or poultry rasing as pool guard or garden guard 

4)used in agricutlure product for food drying  


Packaging & Shipping


5. fiberglass window screen packing:

1) in transparent bag with label,then in container.

2) in transparent bag with label, 2 roll/4rolls/6rolls/10rolls in plastic woven bag then in container.  

3) in transparent bag with label, 2 rolls/4 rolls/6rolls in carton, then in container.







6. size are listed as below:

Mesh Wire gauge Weight Type Color Roll size
14x14 BWG31/BWG32 90g Leno Weave Green/Grey 36"X100'
14X14 BWG31/BWG32 100g leno Weave Grey/Black 48"X100'
18X14 BWG31/BWG32 115g Plain Weave Grey/Black 60"X100'
18X16 BWG31/BWG32 120g Plain Weave Grey/White 1.0Mx25M
20X20 BWG31/BWG32 145g Plain Weave Grey/Black 1.0Mx30M




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