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hot dip galvanized fencing factory
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hot dip galvanized fencing factory

  • Fencing, Trellis & Gates
  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond
  • DF-02-hot dipped galvanized fencing panels
  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Heat Treated
  • Galvanized
  • Easily Assembled, FSC, Pressure Treated Timbers, Waterproof
  • Low carbon steel wire
  • 3mm--8mm
  • Square
  • 50X100,50X120,50X150,50X200,75X150,75X200
  • With or without bending curves
  • All sizes, as client's request
  • galvanized before or after welding
  • Hot-dip galvanized or as request
  • fencing panels,security fences
  • ISO, BV, SGS
  • Bulk in container or with pallets
  • About 30 days after receiving the deposit


hot dip galvanized fencing factory
1.Wire Dia.: 3.0mm--8mm
2. Width: 2m-3m
3.Heigh: 1m-2.5m
4.With or no curves in pane

hot dip galvanized fencing   

hot dip galvanized fencing  are as main part of welded wire mesh fence for security and segregate of road, yards, sport fields, airports and public district fencing by fix them with anti-thief post, round post or square post. It is a commercial choice and welcome by people all over the world. 

Diamond Company has an above 20-year experience of producing and exporting such kind of fence  Diamond brand guarantees superior quality and good service.


hot dip galvanized fencing specifications as following:

Hot dipped galvanized fencing panels

Fence Panels


Low carbon steel wire

Wire diameter

3.0mm ~ 8.0mm;




0.8 ~ 2.0m; less than 4.0m is available


2m ~ 3.0m

Panel Type

With or without curves are both available as request.

Fence Post

Square post

50mmx50mm, 60mmx60mm, 40mmx60mm,

Round Post

Φ48mm, Φ60mm

Peach Post

 50mmx70mm, 70mmx100mm

Post thickness

1.2mm to 2.5mm

Post Height

0.8m ~ 3.5m

Post Base

With or without the base flange are both available.

Post Fittings

Post clips with Bolts and nuts, post rain cap,

Fence Finishing

1. Hot-dip Galvanized

 2. PVC powder spraying coated or PVC powder dipping coated

 3. Galvanized +PVC powder spraying/dipping coated


 1) With pallet; 2) Bulk in container.

The customization is also available.


hot dipped galvanized fencing panels


Square type post for the hot dipped galvanized fencing panels


Peach type fence post for the hot dipped galvanized fencing panels


 hot dipped galvanized fencing panels with razor wire (High security fence) 


hot dipped galvanized fencing panels Packing and loading


Certification of the hot dipped galvanized fencing panels




About US: Experience on welded wire mesh fence/ hot dipped galvanized fencing panels

1. Diamond Company has more than25 years experience on the welded wire mesh fence and wire nettings producing.
2. Diamond Company has been exporting fences and wire nettings to many countries.
3. More than 16-year experience of R&D department.
4. ISO 9001:2000 certified factory & exporter.

5. Warmly welcome to visit us and ask for more helpful information freely!

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