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rebar parallel threading machine
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rebar parallel threading machine

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • diamond
  • wooden case
  • within one week

Working principle:

1, reinforced clamping mechanism: using positive reinforcement clamping screw driven to clamp screw rotation sliding mode of the complete.
2, thread head processing: will strip steel rolling up, turn head and rib axial feeding finish machining threads. Peel rib rolling head turns from the main motor reducer with 50 / minutes to complete the speed by operators, throw into the handle pinion and rack drive reducer and strip rib rolling along the slippery poles movement head.
3 and roll into the thread rolling wheel, composed by 3 pieces, interchangeable installation, rolled into one thread.
4 and into, knife: open the main motor drive motor reducer button, and stripped rib rolling turns heads, the operator to throw the handle into, thread finish machining, travel switch contact pressure stroke switch button, delay return after starting position and reverse automatic shutdown.

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