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rebar rib peeling and threading machine
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rebar rib peeling and threading machine

  • Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Diamond rebar thread rolling machine
  • Used thread rolling machine D5-05
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • 14-40mm
  • Mechanical processing
  • 45 carbon structural steel
  • 2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm
  • 220 V 50 HZ,220V 50HZ
  • 60/70/75
  • 1 YEAR
  • Wooden case, Plywood case or at customer's demand
  • 7-15 days

Rebar thread rolling machine


rebar 14mm-50mm
thread length: 60mm, 90mm, 120mm, 200mm
380/220 V
Rotate speed 62 turn/minute


Features of rebar mechanical splicing technology

1.High-strength of splicing:Meeting the requirements in JGJ107 ,ACI318, BS8110, DIN1045, UBC1997, NF A35-020

2.Excellent anti-fatigue nature:Having passed 2 million times' fatigue experiments.

3.Good thread form and high precision of screw thread:the splicing quality is stable and reliable.No fake thread is produced.

4.Wide range of application:applicable to the same or different diameter rebars'(12-50mm) connection in any

directions and positions.

5.High-speed construction:The screw thread head can be made before constructing to ensure the rebars to be

connected on site.

6.Environmental friendly construction procedure:The construction site is safe and reliable,free from any pollution.

7.Energy saving:The rated power of the equipment is 3-4Kw only,no need to use special electric power facilities.

8.Excellent anti-low-temperature nature:Having passed -40 Degree Celsius low temperature test.

9.Construction under all weather conditions practicable:not influenced by such weather conditions as wind,rain or snow.

10.Manufactured under strict quality standard ISO9001:2000.

11.Full traceability of material origin and production batch.

Different Mechanical Splicing Methods of Rebar

Type A:

When the connecting bar can be rotated.

Consisting of 2 standard threads and 1 coupler.

The first bar is fully engaged inside the coupler (at the production line).

The assembly is completed by rotating the connecting inside the coupler until full engagement.

Type B:

When the connecting bar is too long or too heavy to turn.

Consisting of 1 standard thread,1 left hand thread,1 right-and-left thread coupler

The two bars are placed in position,The assembly is completed by turning the wrench until full engagement.

Type C:

When the connecting bars have different diameters.

Consisting of 2 standard thread and 1 different diameter coupler.

The first bar is fully engaged inside the different diameter coupler(at the production line).

The assembly is completed by rotating the connecting bar inside the coupler until full engagement.

Rebar thread rolling machine




Factory profile

Diamond group was founded in 1986. Our products mainly used for infrastructure and building construction. 

Our steel bar mechanical splicing& processed products such as, rebar coupler, rebar thread rolling machine,

rebar upsetting machine, rebar cutting machine, etc for concrete reinforcement structure.


Our factory covers 60000 square meters with 300 workers, 8 senior engineer and 20 foreign sale engineer.


Concrete series products

Rebar thread rolling machine





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